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Your back specialist, spine specialist and intervertebral disc specialist in Berlin

Back pain is one of the most common ailments in Germany. Almost everyone knows the uncomfortable feeling in the back or neck. Poor posture, too much sitting and a lack of exercise mean that back pain and back problems are on the increase. Even children and adolescents often complain of back problems. But which doctor is best to see for back pain? If your back pinches or stings and the back pain is getting worse, it is best to consult a back specialist and orthopaedic surgeon.


ORTHO EINS is your private orthopaedic practice in Berlin Zehlendorf for Dahlem, Grunewald, Wilmersdorf, Steglitz, Teltow, Kleinmachnow and other districts for back pain and back problems: Our experienced back specialists, spine specialists and intervertebral disc specialists Dr. Christopher Topar and Dr. Tilman Hees take care of back pain, herniated discs and spinal diseases in Berlin. As a sports physician from Berlin, orthopaedist Dr. Topar also supports you with all pain and problems caused by a sports accident. Our back specialists in Berlin Dahlem are the right address for your back problems.

Privatpraxis für Orthopädie Dr. Topar in Berlin - Untersuchung der Wirbelsäule


In our orthopaedic practice in Berlin Zehlendorf, our orthopaedists and back specialists work with high-quality equipment and according to the latest medical findings.

Finding the cause of back pain

Our back experts use various methods to accurately diagnose the cause of your back pain: In addition to the classic clinical examination, X-ray and ultrasound examination, we naturally also carry out manual medical examinations. Our disc and spine specialists also carry out diagnostic test injections, discographies and bone density measurements (ODM). Our back specialists in your area will determine the exact cause of your back pain and can recommend the right therapy and treat your back pain ideally.

At ORTHO EINS in Berlin, we don’t just feed you painkillers, we get to the bottom of your back pain. With us you will find your back specialist and spine specialist for Berlin: Whether in Mitte, Spandau, Steglitz, Zehlendorf or Potsdam – the specialists at Ortho Eins treat complaints of the back as well as the joints, tendons and ligaments in the area of the spine: orthopaedics for your back in Berlin and the surrounding area, both for private patients and for all self-pay patients.

Individual and effective therapies

Once the cause of your back pain has been diagnosed, our back specialists begin therapy and treatment. Together with you, your back doctor will select the best therapy for you – this often means that operations can be avoided and pain can be reduced quickly and successfully eliminated permanently. Targeted injections and/or conservative therapy methods and targeted physiotherapy are particularly suitable for back pain. This also includes special pain therapy for back pain or pain in the spine, neck and shoulder.

Injection treatment for back pain

During treatment with targeted injections, the affected areas of the back are treated directly. During periradicular therapy (PRT), our spine specialist in Berlin will inject cortisone into the nerves of the spine. Our back specialists offer various forms of PRT:

  • Facet joint injections in the cervical spine (cervical spine), thoracic spine (thoracic spine) and lumbar spine (lumbar spine) (under BV image converter or ultrasound control)
  • Transforaminal epidural injections in the cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine (with contrast agent under BV)
  • Caudal epidural injections (with contrast agent under BV)
  • MBB Medial Branch Block / Ramus injections
  • Facet joint denervation on cervical spine, lumbar spine, sacrum
  • PRT with Orthokine (autologous blood instead of cortisone)
  • ISG injections
  • Catheter treatment
Conservative therapies to treat your back pain

The orthopaedic specialists at ORTHO EINS in Berlin Zehlendorf also offer a wide range of conservative therapies . It is important to us that you receive the right therapy and treatment for you and that you put an end to your back pain together with our spine specialists, back specialists, intervertebral disc specialists and orthopaedists. We offer the following conservative therapies in particular for back pain, disc pain and slipped discs:

  • Manual medicine / osteopathy and chirotherapy / osteopathic techniques
  • Pain therapy (e.g. with tablets or intramuscular injections “pain injections”)
  • Trigger point therapy, treatment of muscular tension and myofacial pain syndromes (e.g. manual or osteopathic techniques, radial shock wave therapy, BioCon pain therapy, laser pain therapy)
  • Acupuncture, infrared heat therapy with special mineral TDP therapy lamp
  • Kinesiotapes
  • Provision of orthopaedic aids
  • Osteoporosis therapy

Frequently asked questions


A back and spine specialist treats conditions that primarily affect the spine. These include herniated discs, degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the spine (e.g. spinal canal stenosis, rheumatoid arthritis), lumbago, scoliosis or trauma (vertebral fractures). Back problems that typically occur in children, adolescents and babies can also be treated by a spine specialist. The most common clinical pictures here include spondylolisthesis, postural insufficiency, muscular imbalance and prolapse.

If you suffer from persistent (longer than 3 weeks) and severe back pain that sometimes radiates into the leg, you should definitely consult a spinal specialist. A visit to a spinal specialist is also advisable if you have persistent back or neck pain after a fall or if you feel weakness or numbness in your arms, hands or legs. Balance problems and difficulties with fine motor movements can also be indications of a deeper back problem and should be checked by a specialist.

In principle, there are many specialists who can help with back problems. Therefore, if you have back pain, you should first consult your family doctor, who can refer you to the appropriate specialist. Depending on where the cause of the vertebral or back problem is suspected, patients can then consult an orthopaedist, rheumatologist, neurologist or neurosurgeon. The experienced orthopaedists and back specialists at ORTHO EINS are experts in treating back pain caused by the musculoskeletal system, i.e. bones or muscles, and offer a wide range of treatments.

At the beginning of every treatment with the spine specialists at ORTHO EINS, a thorough medical history is taken to clarify questions about previous illnesses and current back problems. This is followed by a classic physical examination, in which the posture, back muscles and mobility of the spine are checked in addition to the shape of the back. In the case of concrete suspicions, such a manual medical examination can be supplemented with imaging procedures. As soon as the cause of your back problem has been identified, the spinal specialists at ORTHO EINS will work out an individual therapy plan for you and begin treatment. By using conservative therapy methods such as physiotherapy or targeted injections, surgery can be avoided in most cases and rapid pain relief can be achieved.

Our back specialist Dr. Christopher Topar is an experienced orthopaedic specialist with additional specializations in chirotherapy (manual therapy) and acupuncture. He is also an expert in minimally invasive spinal therapy. As a founding member of the Gesellschaft für Interventionen an der Wirbelsäule (GIW), board member of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Wirbelsäulentherapie (DGWT) and member of the International Spine Society (ISIS), Dr. Topar regularly gives specialist lectures on various topics in spinal treatment and is constantly developing the treatment techniques he uses.

The experienced specialists and orthopaedic surgeons at ORTHO EINS are specialists in conservative and minimally invasive treatment approaches. This is why our spine specialists rely on regenerative procedures whenever possible to avoid surgical interventions. ORTHO EINS spine specialists recommend the use of traditional treatment methods such as acupuncture, osteopathy and chirotherapy (manual therapy), but also rely on modern therapy methods such as targeted injections as part of periradicular therapy (PRT).