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Dr. med Tilman Hees has enriched the team of doctors since 2023. After completing his medical studies and doctorate at the University of Heidelberg, he received training in sports orthopaedics at renowned clinics. As is expected of amateur and professional athletes, he practiced a form of treatment at the Charité Berlin sports medicine department and during consultation hours at the Olympic training center in Berlin that allows doctors and patients to achieve their goals with as little surgery as possible. Recognizing the cause of orthopaedic diseases is a prerequisite for successful therapy. This is why Dr. Hees sees a thorough examination as the main focus of his medical work. He gained his orthopaedic-surgical experience in the Department of Sports Orthopaedics at the Martin Luther Hospital under Professor Petersen and at the Trauma Hospital in Berlin. He was able to deepen his knowledge of shoulder joint disorders through a one-year fellowship with one of the world’s most renowned shoulder surgeons (Dr. Laurent Lafosse) in France. He is an orthopaedic surgeon with heart and soul and is married to a gynecologist. They have two little boys together.

Further training

Manual medicine


Sports medicine

AGA arthroscopist

Musculoskeletal sonography, DEGUM

Professional career

2022 – 2023

AGA Shoulder Fellowship Scholarship; Dr. Laurent Lafosse, Annecy, France

2019 – 2022

University Hospital Charité-Berlin, Prof. Dr. B. Wolfarth; Department of Sports Medicine / Olympic Training Center Berlin

2015 – 2022

Martin Luther Hospital Berlin, Prof. Dr. W. Petersen, Department of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery

2017 – 2018

Trauma Hospital Berlin, Prof. Dr. A. Ekkernkamp, 1-year rotation, Department of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery

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  • AGA – Society for Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery
  • SIS – International Spine Intervention Society
  • DKG – German Knee Society
  • MWE – Society for Manual Medicine