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You will be in good hands and well looked after in our private practice.Using minimally-invasive treatment methods and cutting-edge technology, we can help you in the gentlest way possible to reach a painfree quality of life. We always proceed according to the following principle: as much as necessary – as little as possible.

It’s all about you!
All of your questions will be answered and possible reservations will be addressed in a detailed consultation. We will provide information about the cause of your complaint, and sensible and necessary treatments. Together we will create a therapy concept that is tailored just to you. In this, what is crucial is not only your individual requirements but primarily your wishes, needs and expectations.

Tracking down pain
If conventional treatment using painkillers and physiotherapy does not relieve your complaint, then surgical intervention is often used. Our aim is to avoid an operation. We take a different route to quickly and accurately get to the bottom of the cause of the pain. Once the source of the pain is localised, non-operative treatments can be used that minimise both the risk and stresses for you.

Everything under one roof From diagnostics through therapy, to after-care. That means short routes and a great saving in time. Thanks to exclusive technical equipment and the fastest-possible diagnosis, we are able to initiate therapeutic measures immediately.

All-round care
In addition to general orthopaedics, our range of services includes chiropractic, guided injections, periradicular therapy (PRT), sports medicine, shock-wave therapy, acupuncture, laser therapy and therapy for rheumatism. The focus of the practice lies on minimally-invasive spinal therapies, non-operative arthrosis therapy and minimally-invasive interventions on joints such as shoulders, knees and hips. Furthermore, we can offer treatment for migraines, frozen shoulders and lumbago.

Our team provides optimal organisation and a smooth sequence of events in a pleasant atmosphere. Dr Christopher Topar and the whole team look forward to your visit to the practice in Berlin-Dahlem.

  • Orthopaedist Dr. med. Christopher Topar
  • Clayallee 225 A
  • 14195 Berlin
  • Phone+49 30 85071777
  • Fax+49 30 854 07712
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