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Children grow, their bodies constantly undergo new development phases. Skeleton and muscles change with the motoric development. To prevent diseases of the spine or the young musculoskeletal system and to recognize and treat them - this is the primary task of pediatric orthopedics. No matter whether these diseases are congenital or occur later. The treatment of injuries and their consequences is, of course, also part of this.

During childhood as well as adolescence, many orthopedic disorders and ailments can be corrected relatively easily, which otherwise lead to permanent damage in the adult age. This applies, for example, to scoliosis, a spinal curvature, which causes severe damage to the posture.

At ORTHO EINS, the field of pediatric orthopedics is one of the most important services to us. Thanks to many years of experience, our specialist Susanne Leidig has the necessary expertise to assess the child's growth in all its phases and is able to identify any abnormal development as early as possible.

Typical pediatric orthopedic diseases:

Hip dysplasia, hip luxation, Morbus Perthes, Salter-Harris fracture (epiphyseolysis capitis femoris)
Lower extremities
Leg shortening, pelvic obliquity, clubfoot, arch- and flatfoot, pigeon toes, bandy legs, knock knees
Scoliosis, curved back, postural insufficiency, spine dislocation (spondylolisthesis)

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